How to make snapshots with VLC

download codecHow to make snapshots with VLC. Making snapshots with VLC Media Player. I will try with my VLC Media Player (version: 0.9.9) snapshots in the format 800 x 400 to make, but in my snapshots always come with the format 546 x 310 out. Who can tell me, how can I change the width and height of the snapshots that are to be made​​?

How to make snapshots with VLC

VLC Media Player includes a built-in feature that allows you to take snapshots of videos. If you want to use Windows Video then see the post on Windows Movie Maker 2.6 as well.  This while the videos are playing.  This is how you can make snapshots with this feature to take snapshots in the VLC media player:

  1. Firstly you will need to open the video you want to take a snapshot of in VLC Media Player.
  2. Then press the “Pause” button on the player to pause the video at the point where you want to take the snapshot.
  3. Then you will need to press the “Snapshot” button, which is located under the “Video” menu or can be accessed by using the keyboard shortcut (by default is “Ctrl + S” on Windows and “Cmd + Alt + S” on Mac and “Ctrl + ALT + S” on Linux).
  4. The snapshot will be saved in your default screenshots folder. The folder location can be configured under the “Preferences” menu, under the “Video” tab and the “Snapshots” sub-tab. The default is the “My Pictures” directory in Windows.

How to make snapshots with VLCAlternatively, you can also use the “Video” menu and select “Take Snapshot” to take a snapshot of the current frame. You can then open the saved image file in an image editing program. This to make any adjustments or crop the image as needed.

Note that, if you want to take multiple screenshots of a video. You can also use the “advanced controls” (View menu or Ctrl + Shift + T) and then use the “Snapshot” button on the control bar. See also the VLC Media installation on here as well as the streaming movies in VLC media player as well.

See the image on the left if you wish to take a snapshot without using shortcuts. Autoloading Subtitles in Media Player Classic as well as K-Lite Codec pack on a Mac and how to make snapshots with VLC are listed on this website.