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Q&A: Why won’t my K-lite pack work anymore?

download codecQuestion : Why won’t my K-lite pack work anymore? My k-lite codec containerized stopped working a while ago, I used to get the icons in the tray at the bottom, but it stopped starting up with windows media player.

So I just downloaded the latest version but now along with an update and I lull get the missing codec message from windows media player and no icons in the tray. Any ideas?

Best answer:

You are going to need to find out what type of file you are trying to play. This you can do with Codec Sniper. Dont install coded packs as they are not very good. Find out what you need first then search the internet for that the video file needs.

When these types of problems occur the next step is to scan you computer for a virus or for malware. This does cause problems as well as toolbars which certain software which install without your knowledge. These two steps will normally solve most codec problems.

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