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Q&A: Making snapshots with VLC Media Player

download codecQuestion : Making snapshots with VLC Media Player. I try with my VLC Media Player (version: 0.9.9) snapshots in the format 800 x 400 to make, but in my snapshots always come with the format 546 x 310 out. Who can tell me, how can I change the width and height of the snapshots that are to be made​​?

I’ve tried all settings and under, but whenever I change the number of width and height while nothing comes out. Thanks in advance

Best answer:

You’d have to take the video with higher resolution, because the snapshots of VLC Media Player are only a re-storage of a single image from the video. Consequently, the snapshot can not be greater. Of course you can do it by doing more to make full screen and then go n screenshot or you do it artificially larger picture in which you are in the size Irfanview.

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