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Super Mediacoder 2008 same as K-Lite (same functions)?

download codecQuestion : Super Mediacoder 2008 same as K-Lite (same functions)?What is the difference?

Coder SUPER 2008 and are designed to convert video or audio files into other formats. (ie to convert bsw. an AVI video to an MPEG video or convert an MP3 file to WMA).

K-Lite, there are different programs. There is the “K-Lite Video Conversion Pack,” which just converts video formats like Super or MediaCoder. The most famous K-Lite is the “K-Lite Codec Pack”. This is something completely different. The K-Lite Codec Pack contains important audio and video codecs, without which it can not play videos and music in Media Player.

If bsw. a particular codec is missing on your own computer, you can not play a video that uses this codec. You can then use the K-Lite codec pack the required codec installed and the video can be played back then, or it converts the video with super 2008 or MediaCoder to a format for which the computer has already codec one and is therefore, with the Media Player can play.

Detailed descriptions of the programs can be found here:

Since converting to Super or MediaCoder takes a long time (1 hour of a movie from AVI to MPEG convert also takes 1 hour), it is better to have K-Lite codec pack just the right codecs on your own computer, then to convert anything.

My advice:
Install the K-Lite Codec Pack, you can play most video and audio files. Should there still be needed to convert something (bsw because you transfer a video to your iPod or cell phone that wish), then forget ‘Super and MediaCoder but better to use


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