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Where can I find a codec for my Sony Ericsson?

download codecQuestion : Where can I find a codec for my Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro cell phone HD video? When I use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit my HD MPEG 4 video with my computer Vista. Windows Live Movie Maker said the video is not compitable due to miss of video codec.

Does any one know how to solve the problem. I have made an internet search, can not get the proper codec.

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Hi, I recommend you try the combined community codec pack “cccp”. It is mainly for playback but includes ffdshow which is the heart of all main codec packs anyways. Ffdshow should help you out with your codec problems. I’ve found it to be much safer than the infamous k-lite codec pack which everyone here recommends. The “cccp” pack can either make windows media player or media player classic which comes included the default player for all files.Warning, some people have reported this pack to have a virus but that is only a false positive which only some antivirus software is picking up. The false positive is having something to do with the media player classic. You can read about it in their help forum. I gurantee this codec pack is safe. CCCP Codec (Official site of combined community codec pack “cccp”)1. You never want more than one codec pack at a time or you will have conflicts.2. Do not enable or checkmark avi support for haali media splitter when installing combined community codec pack, if it is enabled it will crash windows movie maker everytime. Your windows media player wil play almost anything with the above codec pack installed.If this does not work for you add some additional details and I will edit this and recommend something different. Good luck!

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