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Why Did Installing VLC Media Player change settings?

download codecQuestion : Why Did Installing VLC Media Player Kill my Friends Laptop? My friend was installing VLC media Player on his laptop, which is a few years old. While installing, it froze and his screen looked really pixely and colorful, does anybody have any ideas what the problem could be?

Nothing will be shown on the screen, now the screen is just black when powered up

Best answer:

There are a number of options. Firstly you need to start your computer in “Safe Mode” and this will normally load only the minimal drivers on your computer. Once this is loaded you need to uninstall VLC and then reboot the computer in normal mode. Most times this will solve the problem. Many times there may be conflict with software and uninstalling the software is the first step.

If that does not work then you will need to “reset” the computer and you would need a technician for that as it needs to be done from the motherboard. They might just as well check your hardware and see if one of the components are too old and might need replacing.

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  1. it could be that the source that he downloaded it from actually installed a virus on his computer.
    try and see if it can be booted in safemode and run a virus scanner, also you can uninstall it in safemode.

  2. It would depend if he down loaded the one for the Windows Operating System he has. Always get software from the manufacturer or software vendor web sites. I have never had any computer issues with VLC on all the different computers I have installed it on. Maybe he down loaded a file that got corrupt. Don’t have an answer for this question.