GOM Player

download codecDownload GOM Player which is a free media player software for Windows. This was developed by the South Korean company, GOM & Company. Much like the KMPlayer which is also Korean made. The media player supports a wide range of media file formats. These include the AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, and others. If you are looking at other formats such as DVD or MKV then you will need to download and install that codec here.

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VP9 Video Extension

download codecYou can download the VP9 Video Extension here for 32bit or 64bit. You can also get this on the Windows Store online. The VP9 Video Extension is similar to the HEVC Video Extension which operates in a similar way with installation from your PC or from the Windows Store online. There are other players on here as well. These include but not limited to the real alternative or the AV1 Codec  and MPC-BE which are also on here.

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Sony RAW Codec

download codecThe Sony RAW Codec is a software plugin for Windows computers that enables users to view and edit Sony RAW image files (ARW, .SRF and the .SR2 format). These are in applications such as Windows Explorer and Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer. It allows for more efficient editing and a smoother workflow when working with Sony RAW images.

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DivX H.264 Decoder

download codecYou can download the DivX H.264 Decoder here which is an encoder for the DIVX format. You can also compare this to the x264 video codec as well as the popular AV1 Codec and x265 Encoder. There is also the DXVA checker tool which can be of use to you. This component allows you to make use of the H2.64 video codec and encode them in the 4K format as well. There is also hardware acceleration on offer with this software encoder.

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