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Q&A: K-lite codecs not working!

download codecQuestion : K-lite codecs not working! Ok guys this is irretating me, i have downloaded like 3 programs now, you tin look at my previous questions for all the rest of the info.right now i got K-lite codecs.

It inactive wont play the torrent i got from utorrent. wtf?!?!?!! all i want to do is watch my movie!!!!!!it says cant render file. what does that intend? delight help!!!!!

Best answer:

Be careful! Most of the codec packs you tinned download are infected with malware or wear’t work. Get VLC Media Player from download.com, it will play any type of movie file there is without having ti download any codecs. If you want to use your current player then you need to consider which codec the computer really needs. Download and install Codec Sniper and click on the video file. Codec Sniper will tell you which codec the video really needs. Codex packs are a very bad idea.

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